Mar 29, 2009

When there is no babysitter...just bring baby to Parliament!

That's what 39 year old Hanna Dahl, a member of the European Parliament (MEP), did this past Thursday, when she reported for duty in Strasbourg, France.
Danish born Dahl, grew up in parts of Asia and now lives in Denmark with her husband and two children.

Dahl denied bringing baby to work to make a statement, as just two weeks earlier she had criticized the European Parliament for now allowing its members to take maternity or paternity leave. If parents want the time off, they must step down from their position with the Parliament. Her actions made international headlines causing mixed reactions around the world. Some were amused, while some others were angered.

She indicated that her husband is who normally babysits, but he had to go to Denmark unexpectedly and that was the reason why 3 month old Gaia had to go to work with mommy.
Little Gaia, dressed in a cute pink top, appeared to be on her best behavior. And despite some circulating rumors on the news media, there were no reports of breasfeeding or diaper changing during the political session.

"Considering my husband has been with her so many times while she screamed, I decided to take her along this time," Dahl said. "In Denmark we have a very relaxed attitude towards breastfeeding in public, and the same ought to be the same here."

We really admire how progressive the Scandivians are when it comes to combining motherhood, family life, and work. Hanna says her intent was not to make a statement, but she certainly did! She is one gutsy Mom and we are proud of her!

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