Apr 24, 2009

What is the best Belly Bandit Post Pregnancy Wrap?

From time to time we get this question from women who are trying to decide if spending the extra money for the premium Bamboo Belly Bandit is really worth it.

Without a doubt we always recommend the Bamboo Belly Bandit!

To reach maximum benefits the wrap should be worn day and night (only taking it off to shower) and at least 6-8 weeks post delivery. Because of this, you should really want to buy the most premium band available and that is the Bamboo Belly Bandit.

The Bamboo Bandit is just so much softer than the Original or the Couture Belly Bandit Bands.

Since the Belly Bandit is an undergarment that is worn in direct contact with the skin, you really want to have the best material possible. The band with the Bamboo covering is best because it won't rub against the skin and cause irritation (the Original Belly Bandit Band has no covering and it feels rough against the skin). Also, the Bamboo fabric is not only eco-friendly but it also naturally absorbs humidity and won't trap moisture between your skin and the wrap, like some other wraps may do. eeeww!

You have two color choices with the Bamboo Belly Bandit: Nude or Black
If you mostly wear light colored clothes, you should probably choose the Nude color. If you are going to be wearing black or dark colored garments then black may be a better choice.

As always you get FREE delivery on all Belly Bandits from Best Baby Organics and Happy Belly Shrinking!!

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