Jul 30, 2009

Win a FREE Bamboo Belly Bandit GIVEAWAY!

This contest has ended on August 31st, 2009!!
Congratulations to Stephanie Bannon

Best Baby Organics has a new giveaway for the month of August:

Here's your chance to win the ever popular and eco-friendly Bamboo Belly Bandit, the post-pregnancy compression garment that will help you shrink back to your pre-pregnancy shape

Win one of these amazing belly shrinking compression bands ~ it's Easy!

Simply visit our
Best Baby Organics web-store and find three maternity, post-pregnancy, or baby products you like the most and then leave us a comment listing the three items. Don't forget to list your email address as well, otherwise we can't contact you in case you win. The winner will be notified by email on September 1st, 2009

Giveaway Details:

  1. To enter the Bamboo Belly Bandit Giveaway leave a comment on this post listing the three products from our web-store you liked most
  2. If you blog about this, you get an extra entry. Email us at giveaways@bestbabyorganics.com to let us know you've posted about it, with a link to the post.
  3. If you twitter about it, you will receive an additional entry. Again, email us to get an extra entry.
  4. If you announce the giveaway to your facebook friends, let us know. That means you can get THREE extra entries for this giveaway!
  5. Anonymous comments will be ignored.
  6. One winner will be randomly selected.
  7. The deadline to enter is August 31st, 2009 Midnight EST. Winner will be announced on September 1st, 2009
  8. The winner will be able to choose size and color of the Belly Bandit Band. If we don't hear from you within 7 days to claim your giveaway another winner will be chosen.
  9. Good luck!


  1. My 3 favorite picks from the Store include the Bloom Baby Classic fresco in green, super cool high chair. 2) Kate Quinn Peacock Lap neck jumper and lastly the Japanese Monkey Pants for sure. they are awesome . lil_lolas@hotmail.com

  2. I love the Bella Bands - a must have for pregnancy and post pregnancy, the planet wise wet bags - they have so many great uses, and finally I'm loving the organic nursing pads. So cute! akagrover@hotmail.com

  3. OMG, I love, love, love the Bamboo Belly Bandit! It sooo soft and it feels very luxurious. Just what we need after a long hard labor. If you get the right size, it will do great things for your post partum belly!
    I also love the organic Moby wrap. Just like the one Best Baby Organincs just gave away!For my 3rd favorite item, I choos Planetwise wet bags because they work perfectly with no leaks and the designs are sooo cute!

  4. My 3 favorite items are the Kokopax carrier, the organic crib mattresses, and the sophie the giraffe teether.


  5. I love love love these 3 things:
    Sophie the giraffe teether, the kokopax carrier in bubbles, and the bloom high chair nano in blue

  6. i would like these three items
    i would love to try out the moby wrap baby carrier. it looks so comfortable for baby and me! the organic cotton pjs sets are adorable, and i am a big fan of the organic sleep sacs.

  7. the 3 I picked are:
    1) sophie the giraffe
    2) lukeeno 5 pack white organic onesies
    3) the organic cotton crib mattress


  8. i would love to get these 3 things from the store:
    Kokopax in espresso, the pkolino toddler bed in orange, and the pkolino organic bed set in monkey/owl combination

  9. my 3 picks are: lukeeno 3pack organic bibs, lukeeno 3 pack girls onesies, and the bamboo nursing pads.

  10. I love all the items you feature on your site!
    But here's my 3 favorite...
    I love the banana teether, the sling by Hotslings in Sweet Pea, and the Bella Band in Rain- that color is so bright!


  11. Love your store!
    these are my 3 picks: planet wise wet bags, lukeeno 6 pack organic onesies for boys, and bloom nano high chair.

  12. m 3 favs are the asparagus teether (our 1st son loved it!), the hot sling baby sling, and the bloom baby bouncer.


  13. my 3 favs are the sleepy wrap in light blue, the 7 pc boy onesies, and the ecotots table and chairs set.
    thank you!
    margaret bouer

  14. My three favorites are:
    1) Bamboo Belly Bandit (Nude)
    2) Bloom Baby Classic Fressco Contempoary High Chair (Green)
    3) Organic Moby Wrap Baby Carrier (Eggplant)
    Good Luck Everyone :0)
    Suzanne Schiebler

  15. my three would be :
    sleepy wrap baby carrier, i would love to try the bamboo nursing pads, and the japanese monkey pants are just too cute!

  16. I like the giraffe teether, the Bandit belly wrap and planet wise wet bags.
    Stephanie Bannon

  17. Bella Band
    Moby Wrap
    Giraffe Teether

    Stephanie Bannon

  18. Bella Band, organic crib mattresses, sleepy wrap baby carriers. Who knew there could be such wonderful things to try.

  19. Bella Band, Giraffe Teether and of course the Bamboo Belly Bandit!


  20. Three fave items: SLEEPY WRAP BABY CARRIERS, BELLA BAND, and Giraffe Teether.

    e-mail: teaminglis@gmail.com

  21. My top 3 choices are the Belly Bandit, kokopax baby carrier and the Planet Wise Reusable Wet Bag.

  22. Moby Wrap, Sleepy Wrap, and Bella Band

    I love my Moby Wrap, I can do so many things around the house with baby in it. My sister-in-law loves her Sleepy Wrap and carries her 5 month old son in it everywhere we go. I would love to try the Bella Band!


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