Aug 31, 2009

Guest Blogger: Lisa Mason-Reilly
The Benefits of Prenatal Yoga

Today we welcome a new guest blogger, Lisa from Prana Yoga Miami.

Lisa Mason-Reilly began her journey into Yoga at a young age having been blessed with a practicing mother. Growing up with an awareness of proper nutrition, meditation and balancing the physical body she is thankful to have these tools available to her throughout her life experience. Having had careers in high-end fashion as a model and buyer in a corporate capacity, she is all too aware of the stress and consuming affects associated with being "of the world". Although thankful for all the wonderful traveling opportunities and benefits of exposure to many different cultures, Lisa decided to take some time away from the frenetic corporate life and delve deeper within. Thanks to her dedicated teachers, she has emerged with more profound insight as to her purpose on this journey. She expresses that purpose through the creativity of being a mother, a teacher and a friend. Having recently completed the Teacher Training Certification Program at Prana Yoga in Coral Gables, Lisa dove in and began teaching Prenatal Yoga at the studio. She is thankful for the opportunity to share what has been so graciously shared with her and to continue to cultivate her devotion and love for Yoga.

The Benefits of Practicing Prenatal Yoga
by Guest Blogger Lisa Mason-Reilly

The Ancient Science and Philosophy of Yoga has been a wellspring of knowledge throughout centuries providing tools and wisdom for unifying the body, mind and spirit. This union which is attained through Asana practice (physical postures), Pranayama (breathing exercises), and Meditation, helps to balance the physical body systems, calm and focus the mind, and prepare the self for its higher purpose.

Prenatal Yoga offers many wonderful gifts to a pregnant woman and her baby. In addition to more physical strength and flexibility, the added benefits of breath awareness and meditation help to prepare the mother's mind and body for the normal and natural event of labor. Through this awareness also comes the opportunity to experience a deeper connection and bond with the growing baby. Many women that have practiced prenatal Yoga prior to delivery have reported having had a strong connection with their baby and an awareness during delivery that made the process of birth progress more smoothly. One mother commented that "with my increased awareness gained through practicing Yoga, I felt that during labor my daughter and I were communicating and really working together in the birthing have these tools available to call on during labor is truly a blessing."

Prenatal Yoga offers safe and natural support as the demands and stress put on the body increase with pregnancy. There are asanas, meditations and pranayamas that provide relief for many common discomforts associated with pregnancy. For example, controlled movement of extremities and poses that allow feet above the heart help with swelling (edema) which is often times associated with pregnancy. Balasana (child's pose) is an asana that helps with fatigue and lower back discomfort, while standing poses and balancing poses help with leg stiffness and cramps. In addition, Pranayama, stillness and meditation can help with nausea and digestion. Many asanas help with increased circulation, gently working the cardiovascular system, toning the pelvic floor, and balancing the the body and mind to reduce stress and anxiety.

It is important to have permission from the doctor before beginning any exercise program when pregnant, and unless the mother has an existing Yoga practice, it is not recommended to begin an Asana practice until after the first trimester because of the higher risk of miscarriage during this period. But that doesn't mean that a pregnant woman can't begin practicing Yoga the moment she finds out she is pregnant, because Yoga does not just include the physical component, but is also comprised of breathing, meditation and awareness. Similarly, as a woman progresses further into her pregnancy and may not be able to participate in some of the more physical aspects of Yoga for various medical reasons, the benefits of meditation, visualization, and breath awareness will provide relief for any fear, worry or doubt that the mother may be experiencing and ultimately help to prepare the mother for labor.

Drawing on this ancient wisdom, mothers give their body, mind and spirit the opportunity to prepare a strong vessel to carry this new life and bring it forth into the world through a healthy and peaceful journey. In addition, mothers practicing prenatal Yoga are giving their babies an example from the beginning of how to live this life in harmony. What a Gift!

Om Shanti

Prana Yoga in Miami offers:
Prenatal Classes Tuesdays at 6pm, Fridays at 10am, Saturdays at 2pm,
Mommy & Me Classes Mondays at 9am & Wednesdays at 9am, and
Yoga for Kids Friday at 4pm and Sunday at Noon.

Please join us and you will receive a complimentary first class when you reference this article. You may also visit us at for a complete schedule of classes and workshops.

Aug 30, 2009

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Aug 29, 2009

Japanese Monkey Pants ~ New Styles arriving soon!

Here's a sneak preview of some of our new styles.
They will be available for delivery in 2 weeks. To reserve yours, please contact us directly.

Sizes available:
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Aug 28, 2009

Eating a healthy diet can help you avoid or at least survive the swine flu

We had a relatively quiet summer without much talk about the swine flu, but now that the fall/flu season is almost upon us the news channels can't seem to get enough of the swine flu hysteria. I just heard the other night that it is being predicted that half the US population will become infected. And that just made me think...well...if half of us are doomed to get infected, what can we all do to at least survive the bug attack?

And I'm not talking getting those experimental toxic vaccines!

I'm talking healthy diets and exercise to help strengthen our immune systems. Now that is something that most of us have control over. Right?

So glad more people are thinking along the same lines. Here's an article found at Natural Home Remedies that mentions foods we can eat to help strengthen our bodies and increase our natural defenses:

"Swine flu caused by viruses affect people with a weakened immune system. Malnourished persons are more susceptible to Infections. So everyone should take great care to take a nutritionally balanced diet to promote a strong immune system.
Anyone wishing to build a strong immune system and avoid swine flu should take foods rich in protein. He should take foods like meat, chicken, eggs, fish, milk, pulses, vegetables, nuts, seeds and soy-based foods. Having minimum 3 servings of these foods help to build a barrier against viral infections like swine flu.
Follow the color theme and include a lot of bright orange and green vegetables like carrots and pumpkins, apricots, mangoes, spinach and cabbage. The vitamin A in these vegetables helps to make the respiratory membranes strong.
Vitamin C rich and healthy foods like peppers spinach and citrus fruits like berries or frozen peas fresh or canned have anti-viral properties and help mobilizing bug-eating macrophage cells. Zinc found in healthy foods like beef, eggs and seafood especially crabs, oysters and sardines help to form antibodies to fight the infection of swine flu. Additionally, healthy foods like whole grain and pumpkin seeds are pretty good to build antibodies against swine flu.
It is good to include healthy foods like apples, spinach, and other greens with iron in them. If one is unable to get all the vitamins one can insist on taking a multivitamin and mineral supplement daily to boost one’s immune system and avoid swine flu.
Besides, allicin obtained from chewing raw garlic helps to stand as a guard against the attack of swine flu. Chewing of cloves are equally good to avoid swine flu.
Herbal medicine/Medical herbalists suggest taking two echinacea tablets two or three times a day with a 300mg tablet of extract of St Johns Wort three times a day. In addition herbal tea made by adding equal parts of mint, elderflower and yarrow could also be beneficial.
Hence it is best to take immediate action and include healthy foods to build up immunity and avoid the deadly disease, swine flu."

Organic Crib Mattresses Proudly Made in the USA

Oh we are so crib mattresses that are actually made in the USA!!

We have just added the entire Naturepedic Organic Crib Mattresses line to our store.

Naturepedic is a family owned business with all of their products proudly made in the U.S.A. They believe in supporting our national economy and in using only the finest materials and workmanship. By using domestic suppliers for all of their raw materials, they know exactly what's in their mattresses and can subsequently avoid any “surprises” in their materials as is often the case with imported goods. When you buy a Naturepedic organic crib mattress, you should feel proud in supporting U.S. jobs and industry. You can also be assured that all materials are from a trust worthy and reliable source.

Aug 27, 2009

Great Pregnancy Excercise: Prenatal Yoga

Practicing Prenatal Yoga has many wonderful benefits for mom and baby.
Diana, from BBO, says that practicing prenatal yoga made her feel more in touch with her own body and with the little baby growing inside her. "Prenatal yoga is very relaxing and empowering at the same time. There are many breathing techniques and poses that can help your body get ready for the big day" says Diana. She recommends it to all pregnant women who are in good health and capable of exercising moderately.

If you are in the Miami area and looking for prenatal yoga classes, there are two excellent studios in Coral Gables that we can recommend: Prenatal Plus Yoga and Prana Yoga Miami

We invited the wonderful ladies at Prana Yoga to be guest bloggers on BBO and to help give some expert prenatal yoga insight to all the pregnant moms reading our blog. We'll be hosting Lisa very soon! click here for Lisa's post
They were also very generous to our blog readers by offering a FREE Yoga Class to all first time students who mention "Best Baby Organics"

Preggy Miami moms take advantage of this Free Yoga Class offer and make your way to the Prana Yoga studio. You'll enjoy it and it will also be a great way to meet and share with other pregnant women. Make sure to tell them Best Baby Organics sent you!

Prana Yoga is located at:
247 Malaga Ave.
Coral Gables, Florida 33134-708
Tel. 305.567.9812

Want to recommend other prenatal yoga studios in Miami or other cities in the USA or Canada? Leave a comment to this post. We would like to start a Prenatal Yoga Studio Directory by city that can be easily found by women wishing to take some classes.

Aug 26, 2009

How to use a baby wrap

Curious about how to use a baby wrap carrier?
It's simple! and once you get the hang of it, you and baby will love going places with the wrap.
The advantages of attachment parenting are many and using a wrap is very easy.

Our friends at Sleepy WrapTM have put together this nifty "Tying Methods" guide to help you get started.


1. Unfold the wrap and find the Sleepy WrapTM logo at the center. Place the logo around your waist and wrap around your back.

2. Cross the two pieces behind your back and bring each side up and over your shoulders to the front. Try to keep the material flat so it doesn’t twist.

3. Tuck both pieces underneath the section with the logo.

4. Pull them both down. The part with the label will rise up to your chest and should be adjusted so that it fits you snug and literally clings to your body. You are almost there.

5. Cross the pieces and bring the fabric around your waist behind your back. Make sure that the pieces cross each other high on your chest area (your sternum is a good reference point). There is no need to leave extra space for your baby.

6. Cross the wrap and if there is enough fabric bring it back to the front. If not, you can tie a knot here.

7. You may tie a double knot here, or if there is enough fabric tie the double knot on your back.

**CLICK HERE to see all the Sleepy Wrap colors we carry**


Aug 25, 2009

Organic Cotton Nursing Pads - The inexpensive Alternative

We now have a more economical Organic Nursing Pad. These nursing pads are made with soft organic flannel knit, with one layer of organic terry liner. Very absorbent, yet they are thin enough to not show thru.

Pads are sold as a set of two and made with the finest 100% organic Egyptian cotton.

They are Machine Washable

$6.50 for a set of two


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Aug 18, 2009

Do-it-Yourself Homemade Baby Wipes

Homemade Baby Wipes:
2 drops organic lavender essential oil*
2 drops organic tea tree essential oil*
2 cups distilled water
1/4 teaspoon vitamin E

Mix the essential oils in the water in a spray bottle. Add the vitamin E (if you can’t find the liquid version, you can use a capsule. Just cut open the vitamin E capsule and squeeze the contents into the oil/water mixture). Mix well. To use, simply spritz onto a soft clean cloth, and use as you would a commercial wipe. Please note: because there are no preservatives in this mixture, keep refrigerated and use within one week. The tea tree oil and lavender are naturally anti-bacterial, but this mixture will not keep forever.

*Make sure to only use pure essential oils, never fragrance oils, in any products that you make for your baby or for yourself. Fragrance oils can contain up to 200 different chemical ingredients, which can cause side-affects can including headaches, dizziness, rash, violent coughing, vomiting, skin irritation.

Many thanks to Mary Kearns, owner of for sending us this fabulous recipe!

Do-it-Yourself Oatmeal Baby Bath

Oatmeal Baby Bath:
Put 1 cup of oatmeal in a blender or food processor, and pulverize until it is a fine powder. Place in a muslin bag, or a square of cheesecloth tied with a string or rubber band then place in baby’s bath water. This makes a mild, everyday skin-soothing bath.

Thanks to our guest blogger Mary Kearns, from for contributing this natural, easy, and money saving recipe for a baby bath

Guest Blogger: Mary Kearns, PhD
The Importance of Natural and Organic Baby Care

Mary Kearns, PhD has spent the last 15 years helping to support wellness in people of all ages. As a developmental psychologist, she has studied the environmental, psychological and emotional influences that contribute to healthy development across the lifespan. She is the owner of Herban Lifestyle, LLC, a handcrafted herbal bath and body product business, and also works as a consultant facilitating the scientific review of cancer-prevention programs. Her company, Herban Lifestyle carries high-quality natural and organic bath and body products for adults, and also offers a line of truly natural baby products, made from organic and natural ingredients (

The Importance of Natural and Organic Baby Care

by Guest Blogger Mary Kearns, PhD

In February 2008, an article in Pediatrics (the official journal of the American Academy of Pediatrics) warned about the dangers of phthalates in common baby care products. Several studies that the article’s authors had reviewed indicated that, within 24 hours of use, the chemical was measurable in infants’ urine. This is of concern, because of the potential toxic effects to their developing endocrine and reproductive systems. While no studies have definitely shown phthalates to be harmful to infants, they have been found to adversely affect human male reproductive function, and children’s developing systems are usually much more susceptible to most environmental influences than adults.

Because of this, it is always good to consider the safety of body care product ingredients, but it is especially as when choosing the right products for your baby. With a baby’s delicate skin, the word “gentle” appeals to many parents, but the process used to make common chemical ingredients more “gentle” in fact often produces a byproduct that is a known carcinogen. This byproduct, called 1,4-dioxane, is banned from cosmetics and body products in the European Union, and though not considered cause for concern in small amounts, it is present in an alarming number of baby products meant for daily use. The Campaign for Safe Cosmetics ( found detectible amounts in 32 out of 48 products they tested earlier this year. To avoid 1,4-dioxane, the Organic Consumers Association recommends steering away from ingredients containing the following in their names: "myreth," "oleth," "laureth," "ceteareth," any other "eth," "PEG," "polyethylene," "polyethylene glycol," "polyoxyethylene," or "oxynol," in ingredient names (

The Campaign for Safe Cosmetics additionally tested the baby products for the presence of Formaldehyde (, which is released by some common preservatives like Quaternium-15 when they are stored in a container over time. Formaldehyde is a suspected carcinogen, which can be absorbed through the skin, and causes skin reactions in some individuals. They found Formaldehyde in 23 out of 28 baby products they tested. And 17 out of 28 were found to have both Formaldehyde and 1,4-dioxane.

Besides 1,4-dioxane and Formaldehyde, there are over 2000 ingredients that are banned in the EU, yet considered safe in the US. For example, phenoxyethanol is considered “safe” in the US, yet is restricted in Japan and considered harmful in the EU ( This is because the FDA does not feel that there is sufficient scientific evidence that these ingredients are harmful to humans.

All of this information may leave you feeling somewhat overwhelmed; after all, if these ingredients are present in almost all of the products you normally buy, how can you avoid exposing your baby – and yourself – to these potentially dangerous ingredients? One excellent resource is the Environmental Working Group’s “Parent’s Buying Guide,” ( which rates the safety level of products based on the European Union’s cosmetics standards and other published safety data. The database contains thousands of entries, and can help parents pick safe and natural products for themselves, too.

Two easy ways to determine which products are safe for your baby are: 1) you recognize all of the ingredients on the label, and would be willing to handle and store them in your own home!; 2) the label indicates that the product is 100% organic, and lists the certifying agency. Choosing 100% organic provides you with the highest level of safety and assurance that there is nothing harmful in the products.

However, if you are still having trouble choosing products, or you’re worried about price, one option might be to just make it yourself! Here are two simple recipes for natural baby products you can easily make in your own kitchen.

Check out her Oatmeal Baby Bath recipe

Check out her Recipe for Homemade Baby Wipes

Aug 16, 2009

Belly Bandit Measuring Tips

All this information is directly provided by the makers of the Belly Bandit:

Continued from Belly Bandit: Question & Answers

Due to the variations in size and shape of women's bodies, we realize it may be tricky to size yourself for a Belly Bandit®. Correct sizing is essential for comfort and product effectiveness. Buying a Belly Bandit® that is too large will not wear well under clothing and may affect end results. There is no exact science that fits all women, but don't fret, here are some tips we have found to be helpful...

If you are purchasing a Belly Bandit® early on in your pregnancy, your best bet is to go up 1 to 2 band sizes from your pre-pregnancy belly size.

In the eighth month many women will be the same size as they will be post delivery. Simply measure the part of your tummy that is the biggest all the way around your abdomen, which is usually at the belly button. Choose the corresponding band for your size.

Just prior to delivery simply subtract 3 to 5 inches from your belly measurement. Select the corresponding band for that size. If you purchase your Belly Bandit® after you give birth, simply choose the corresponding band for belly size. The Belly Bandit™ is designed with five inches of adjustability to stay tight as you shrink.


How do I size myself?
Everybody’s body is very different and there is no exact science or guarantee, but Belly Bandit has found the following to be the best way to figure out your Belly Bandit® size. Measure the largest part of your stomach with a measuring tape.
If you don't have a measuring tape, just click on the pink measuring tape image to download a measuring tape provided by the Belly Bandit company. If you don't have a printer check out the tips given at the bottom

How about sizing when someone is still pregnant?
We recommend sizing in the middle of your 8th month for most accurate sizing. Measure your belly from the belly button around. Refer to Belly Bandit size chart for information.

I am 4 months pregnant what size should I get?
We suggest a gift certificate because they include shipping and handling and are redeemable anytime. It is recommended to measure when you are in the middle of your 8th month.

Measuring in-between or borderline on a size?
Everybody's different in size after giving birth especially when you keep in mind swelling, bloating and those fun little surprises! So we can't tell you with exact certainty what size you will be so please don’t expect us to know that information! Most customers prepare by purchasing two when this is the case because they often shrink out of the first Belly Bandit® quickly. This may be your best bet. Most people tend to contact us within the first three weeks for their second size.

Belly Bandit: Questions & Answers

Pick your favorite BAMBOO Belly Bandit and get FREE SHIPPING
We know many of you have questions about the Belly Bandit, its effectiveness, finding the right size, and how to wear it. Belly Bandit has done a very good job at putting this information out and we want to share this information with our blog readers. This is coming directly from the "Banditas" at Belly Bandit:

Questions & Answers

Can I wear this while I'm pregnant?
NOOOOO... This is a post pregnant item only.

What is this miracle-working, belly banding goodness all about?
The Belly Bandit® is an abdominal compression wrap designed to assist you in bringing your body back to its former beauty and proportion after child birth. Postpartum wraps have been known to help reduce the swelling of the uterus, decrease bloating caused by water retention, support your legs & back and provide additional comfort and support for you breast feeding moms. Ultimately the Belly Bandit® will aid in getting you back to your pre-pregnancy bod faster than ever!

Why haven't I heard of the Belly Bandit® before?
That's what we said when we found out about postpartum wrapping of the belly! Who knew? Smart women around the world that's who! The binding of a woman's abdomen post delivery has been used therapeutically for centuries all over the globe. It is believed that increased and constant pressure against the abdominal area has benefits such as, flattening the belly and redefining the waistline while helping you keep your back straight minimizing associated pain and fatigue. We've just perfected a comfy garment that is tailored to your body after giving birth..

Who will know I'm wearing a Belly Bandit®?
Only those who you want to know! Relax ladies, first of all this is NOT a girdle. This is simply a breathable and comfy exclusively tailored belly wrap to assist your body in regaining its former beauty and proportion after child birth. The Belly Bandit® provides strong support to relieve discomfort and give you the extra confidence you deserve post partum. Our smooth lightweight construction is designed for you to wear comfortably under all of your clothes and our tagless design won't irritate your skin. We may be biased, but we actually think it's kinda cute.

How does this prevent stretch marks post delivery?
Although everybody knows what can cause them ie: stomach growth and the stretching of skin, we really have never thought about the post period and what may be another factor. The excess skin that is pulled and stretched after birth may continue to cause unslightly markings by “hanging around”. The more weight you gain, the more you have to lose. Greater support of this loose skin may actually decrease tension which in turn may decrease stretch marks in the post period. While you do the tough part (ie: working out, eating right etc.) we'll hold you in and help decrease the risk of getting stretch marks post delivery.

Difference in the Styles/Materials etc?:
The Belly Bandit® Original comes in 3 different colors: white, nude, and black. It is known as the original because it is the first one we developed. It consists of 75% polyester 25% lycra.

The Belly Bandit® Couture feels similar to bathing suit material. It comes in several different hip, fun, funky print . The core of the Belly Bandit® couture is the original, the liner is 92% polyester and 8% spandex, and the outer shell is 100% polyester.

The Belly Bandit® Bamboo is our softest Belly Bandit® It comes in black or natural and is eco-friendly and naturally anti-microbial. It is also moisture wicking which makes it the perfect choice for c sections The core is the original, and the outer shell is 95% bamboo and 5% spandex.
* Note from the bloggers: Best Baby Organics specializes in the Bamboo Belly Bandit because it offers better comfort and because it is eco-friendly. We also carry the Original Belly Bandit for our price conscious customers.

*Please see Bandita Comfort Rating Chart for additional information!

I had a C section. Which Belly Bandit® do you recommend for me?
Above and beyond...the Bamboo!!!!! This is plain and simply for its amazing anti-microbial and anti-bacterial qualities. It is also moisture wicking by nature so that helps during this time when the hormones are just transitioning back to normal. Fun fun fun!

Had your baby awhile ago, maybe 3 months, a year, maybe more?
Although we recommend wearing your Belly Bandit® right after you deliver for 6-8 weeks, there is no reason why you shouldn't wear it whenever you can or want to. Some additional benefits of the product are extra back support and improved posture. We all know that when you feel better, you tend to be more active. This may lead the way to more movement and in turn may help with exercise (and you can wear while working out). Don't forget that when you are using your core muscles you engage the important focal point and its here the work out truly begins. Ask any trainer, its all about using your core muscles to build strength and tone. This is like wearing a rubber band around your wrist “aka” a reminder to be aware of your core and engage! Now the good look slimmer in clothing and feel better wearing those shirts that you stuffed away in the closet because you didn't like those “extra rolls” or you promised to put it back on after you lost the “spare tire” around your waist. So even if you didn't just have your little bundle of joy last week or event last month...we know, every little bit helps. We've been there.

Not pregnant but interested in the Belly Bandit®?
Although the Belly Bandit® was designed for postpartum women, there is no reason why you shouldn't wear it whenever you can or want to, especially if it makes you feel good (and it does)! Some additional benefits of the product are extra back support and improved posture. We all know that when you feel better, you tend to be more active. This may lead the way to more movement and in turn may help with exercise (and you can wear while working out). Don't forget that when you are using your core muscles you engage the important focal point and its here the work out truly begins. Ask any trainer, its all about using your core muscles to build strength and tone the body. This is like wearing a rubber band around your wrist “aka” a reminder to be aware of your core and engage! Now the good look slimmer in clothing and feel better wearing those shirts that you stuffed away in the closet because you didn't like those “extra rolls” or you promised to put it back on after you lost the “spare tire”. So even if you don't have kids we know, every little bit helps.

When should I start wearing my Belly Bandit®?
The first 24-48 hours after delivery. You can start using it as soon as the day after you give birth (even after a c section)! Wearing the Belly Bandit® after a c section may help to decrease post-op recovery time by minimizing associated incision pain, which allows greater mobility post-surgery! We recommend prior to use that you consult your physician.

How exactly do I wear the Belly Bandit®?
Starting at your belly button go all the way around to find the correct measurement. To get the best and tightest fit apply this way: We suggest you lay the Belly Bandit® flat and lay on top of it and wrap from there! Much like you would get into a tight pair of jeans (you all know what we mean ladies!)

Is there a correct place to place the Velcro closure?
We prefer a side closure, because we find it's the most inconspicuous and you get the best grip for a tight closure. The initial post partum belly shape is very different than the pregnant belly shape you know so well. The closure off to the side helps flatten and smooth out this belly look. But if you prefer go for the center closure, whatever you feel works for you! If you are having trouble closing your Belly Bandit®, put it on while laying down for an even tighter closure (again just like you would a tight pair of jeans as referred to above).

How long do I wear the Belly Bandit®? Is 4 weeks enough? 8 weeks? Is 12 weeks too long?
Anything worth doing, is worth doing well, right? That being said....We recommend doing it the full amount of time which is 6-8 weeks, For maximum results wear your Belly Bandit® snuggly around your waist day and night, (if discomfort occurs remove and consult with your doctor). Just take it off to shower...then wrap yourself right back up again! The Belly Bandit® should fit snug with constant pressure on the belly, but without any impact on breathing, circulation or discomfort in your ribs. As always diet and exercise play an integral part when trying to reach your pre-pregnancy size.

My Belly Bandit® feels too tight. What can I do?
Please watch our sizing video to verify you sized yourself correctly! It is a compression wrap so it should fit snuggly in order to do the job, however we don't want it to be so uncomfortable that it cannot be worn without ease.

It is uncomfortable to sit in my Belly Bandit®. Any suggestions?
Yes, you may want try pulling it down a little lower over your hips when you sit down. Remember you can wear your pants over the Belly Bandit®.

It is uncomfortable to sleep in my Belly Bandit®. Any suggestions?
You may want to sleep in the Bamboo style. This is very soft and is our most luxurious style available to mommies. If you can, splurge!

I'm short waisted, will this fit me?
Good things come in short ... we mean small packages! If you're short waisted, consider wearing the Belly Bandit® lower on your hips. Personal preference among women varies on how the Belly Bandit® is worn.

I see creases and waves in my Belly Bandit® is this normal? Is it still working?
Yes, creases are normal. Much like a band-aid, the Belly Bandit® forms to the bend of your body to wear more comfortably. Without any creasing it would be hard to do daily activities with ease. Creases do not affect the tensile strength of the Belly Bandit®. Creases will not stand in the way of the Belly Bandit's® results. Please continue to wear as usual. The appearance of the Original Belly Bandit® will change due to normal wear, much like a band aid, expect to see waviness on the edges and in the center of the band as it forms to the body, this is normal. Remember, this will not hinder the effectiveness.

How do I wash My Belly Bandit®?
Your Belly Bandit® should be hand washed. Yes....we said hand wash! Please make sure to wash it in cold water and air or line-dry. Do not wring this in order to remove excess water as it may damage the strength of the piece. Washing in hot water or drying with an electric or gas dryer may also damage the product and cause shrinkage. The drying process can take up to 12 hours. Due to the continuous periods of time you are advised to wear the Belly Bandit® it is recommended to purchase two. Having two will enable you to always have a freshly clean one available while the other is being washed.

I want to wash my Belly Bandit® but I don't want to leave it off that long...
It becomes addictive, you'll see! It may take up to 12 hours to dry when you wash your Belly Bandit®. Since it is not to be thrown into a dryer you may want to purchase 2 to keep wearing one continuously.

Is the Belly Bandit® good for Diastasis (aka: Diastasis Recti)?
Doctors will tell you that Diastasis weakens the support systems for the back and the organs which in turn leads to back pain, a weakened core and possibly herniation of the organs.

The Belly Bandit® provides back, leg and abdominal support while also slimming mommies body under your clothing! Our 9” height and unique tensile strength is the perfect combination for helping out the targeted area for diastasis recti. A normal splint is typically worn between the bottom of the rib cage and the top of the hip bones, so each side of the recti can be brought towards the middle. Our product is worn underneath your breasts to your hip bones which more than covers this particular area.

How quickly does the Belly Bandit® ship out after I place my order?
Normally shipping time is within 24-72 hours (it is usually closer to 24 hours). If orders are placed over the weekends or on holidays then it will be a slightly longer lead time.

How do I return a Belly Bandit®? What are the terms?
The Belly Bandit® is non-returnable since it is considered an undergarment, it is exchangeable ONLY if it has not been warn or used within 7 days of receipt. Please email us at: for complete details on how to exchange a wrong size belly bandit.

Is the Belly Bandit® Good for Diastasis (ask: Diastasis Recti)?
Read more from Tracey Mallett, the Belly Bandit Fitness Expert:
By wearing Belly Bandit® along with specific abdominal exercises can help close the separation of the abdominals after pregnancy. The band will draw the separated abdominals together and help to retrain them back to their original functional position. The earlier you start to wear the Belly Bandit® after giving birth the higher success rate you will achieve.

Direct From Tracey's New Book
Abdominal Wraps
Many women, especially celebrities, swear that wearing an abdominal wrap around the midsection after birth really helps their abdominals get back to pre-pregnancy state quicker. I agree that wrapping your abs will force your muscles to come back together if they're separated and can help to stop the condition from getting worse. It will also give you that extra back support and a natural reminder to activate your abs throughout the day. I personally like the Belly Bandit®.

Belly Bandit®s are designed to stretch over time to conform to your bodies unique contours, providing the most support where it is needed. The Belly Bandit® does NOT recommend purchasing pre-worn Belly Bandit®s, because they have stretched to fit someone else's body shape; and may not provide the right support for your body.
Continued on Belly Bandit Measuring Tips...

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Aug 14, 2009

Miami Spice is on! and here's a totally unbiased recommendation for EOS

Aaah....if you want to make the Miami summer months more bearable, just think Miami Spice!
The tourists have left the city and that also means many empty restaurant seats that must be filled somehow.

So what do creative restaurateurs do?

They come up with the Miami Spice Menu and offer three-course meals (Lunch $22, Dinner $35) at Miami's best restaurants.

Local foodies eagerly await the hottest months of the year (August and September) for a chance to visit Miami's top restaurants and indulge in attractively priced culinary delights prepared by world-renowned chefs.

Today the Best Baby Organics team had lunch at EOS and had their own chance to indulge in the Miami Spice!

EOS at the Viceroy Miami Resort & Spa was a first for all of us, but we loved it! from the smooth and not overwhelming sundried tomato hummus, to the mouthwatering heirloom tomato salad, to the exquisite grilled salmon, to the crema catalana. All perfectly portioned and delicious. And lets not forget the "on the house" unlimited glasses of wine that came with lunch. What a deal! We were celebrating, so having a few drinks with lunch on Friday is allowed. Happy Anniversary my love!!

Happening in Miami this weekend: Miami Living Green Expo

So curious to see what this expo will be like.
Will it be truly eco-friendly or a bit disappointing like the Green Fest that took place some months ago in Down Town's Bicentennial Park?
We were asked to participate with a vendor booth in this year's Miami Living Green Expo, but we declined because we want to be sure that this is truly a family geared Eco-Friendly Event and not just a "green washing" attempt.

So, we'll be there this weekend checking it all out.
If they are indeed all they promise to be, we may join them next year with that vendor booth...

If you are in Miami and are interested in going here's the info:

Miami Living Green Expo
August 15 & 16th 2009
Double Tree Miami Mart/
Airport Hotel and Exhibition Center

Guest Blogger: Alison Manes
"Cesareans; Once a Lifesaving Surgery Has Turned Into a Fad"

Alison Manes from Tucson, AZ is a breastfeeding, baby wearing, co-sleeping, organic as possible Momma, even though she doesn't call herself an Eco-Diva.
She is the co-founder of Go Green Sustainable Industries, makers of LolliDoo Diapers.

This time she blogs about a topic that can be quite disturbing when you consider the ever growing number of (unnecessary) c-sections performed in the USA. Thanks to Alison for being a guest blogger on our Blog!

Cesareans; Once a Lifesaving Surgery Has Turned Into a Fad
by guest blogger Alison Manes

I was born via emergency cesarean. My mother's pelvis was too small and I couldn't fit through, we would have both died without the surgery. Thank God that my mother was able to get a c-section.

Lately I've been hearing about something called "elective c-sections". It is becoming trendy for women to schedule their births around their busy lives. I wonder if they are informed of the serious risks associated with c-sections. Lets not forget that a cesarean is major abdominal surgery. Compared with vaginal deliveries, cesarean deliveries have twice the risk of complications and deaths of both infants and mothers when the fetus is in the normal, head-down position.

I really don't understand why anyone would choose major surgery, putting their child at risk for breathing problems, breastfeeding problems and fetal injury. According to the Mayo Clinic:
Babies born by C-section are more likely to develop a breathing problem marked by abnormally fast breathing during the first few days after birth (transient tachypnea). Elective C-sections done before 39 weeks of pregnancy or without proof of the baby's lung maturity may increase the risk of other breathing problems, including respiratory distress syndrome.

Although rare, accidental nicks to the baby's skin can occur during surgery.
The maternal risks associated with cesareans should be enough for women to stop and pay attention but when celebs like Kate Hudson, Madonna, Patricia Heaton, Toni Braxton, Elizabeth Hurley, Claudia Schiffer, and Kelly Ripa- have c-sections that were not necessary but convenient for them, the masses then think that elective c-sections are safe.
Women choosing primary elective cesarean delivery will have a higher incidence of maternal morbidity, including hemorrhage, infection, and venous thromboembolism. Maternal mortality, while a rare event in developed nations, is 2 to 3 times higher in elective cesarean delivery than in vaginal delivery, although there are no large studies of maternal mortality risk for primary elective cesarean delivery.
Hall MH, Bewley S. Maternal mortality and mode of delivery. Lancet. 1999;354:776

I urge every mother-to-be to really research childbirth, question everything and make safe choices and when a doctor offers to do a cesarean or induce labor so he/she can make their golf game, DON'T PUT YOURSELF AT RISK FOR THE SAKE OF "CONVENIENCE".

For more information:

Aug 13, 2009

27 Reasons to choose a Sleepy Wrap Baby Carrier

There are many different hands-free baby carriers to choose from. Yet, carrying your baby in a Sleepy Wrap will make a difference in your babywearing experience. Sleepy Wrap offers 27 advantages over other baby carriers on the market:

1. gives great support for little heads and necks -especially when your baby falls asleep

2. your baby fits just perfectly every time! -no guessing how much room you will need to leave for you baby to fit inside without being too tight or too loose

3. custom fit- simply tie the wrap carrier snug against your body and no matter what body type you are, it will fit!

4. good quality fabric -heavier cotton knit with a touch of spandex-the ideal material for babywearing

5. discreet nursing is no problem -no need to take the baby out of the wrap baby carrier or use any special attachments for privacy

6. your baby’s hips and legs are supported and not just hanging down

7. no pressure points on your baby -no pressure on developing hips or spines like other hard baby carriers which place pressure on your baby’s pelvis

8. holds your baby high -the fabric bounces back unlike the t-shirt like material of other stretchy baby wraps to keep your baby snug against your chest

9. durable -sturdy fabric that doesn’t stretch out or change shape with repeated washing or babywearing

10. feels soft on your baby’s skin

11. adjustable -just enough give so that there is no need for readjusting

12. much more snug than carrying a car seat* or other bulky carrier

13. secure -no wrinkles, bulges of loose material, or sagging when babywearing

14. grows with you and your baby -it's optimal for infants yet you may continue to carry your baby with this wrap baby carrier as long as you are both comfortable

15. no baby is too small -the baby wrap is designed for the tiniest of babies. See our FAQ page.

16. ideal for kangaroo care - premature infants thrive when wrapped in a Sleepy Wrap

17. one size fits all -adults of all sizes can comfortably wear and share the wrap

18. bilateral -wide straps over both shoulders so that there is no lopsided feeling like with babywearing in a sling

19. no time limit to how long your baby can stay in the wrap -there are no pressure points on mom or baby so you may carry your baby as long as you and your baby are comfortable

20. no digging straps or poking buckles or buttons -simple design

21. evenly distributes the weight of your baby-much more supported than carrying with your arms, on one shoulder, or your hip

22. instructions are included -no extras to buy

23. perfect for traveling -compact and great on uneven terrain or crowded places

24. cleans up nice -wash, tumble dry and go!

25. comfortable -moves with you instead of restricting you

26. affordable- a great value seeing that your baby will probably begin to walk on his own before he outgrows the wrap

27. natural sleep solution -no plastic, no music, no bouncy seat-just you- calming and soothing your baby with your warmth, your voice, your scent, your movement and your heartbeat. There is no more natural way to put your baby to sleep.

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Aug 11, 2009

Sophie the Giraffe: Best Eco-friendly Teether around!

This all natural rubber toy is totally safe for little mouths to chew on when sore gums need soothing. Sophie the Giraffe is made in France and it has been a European tradition for moms of teething babies for over 40 years.

Now you don't have to freak out when baby plays with Sophie the Giraffe, you can actually feel good about it. Sophie is made of all natural rubber and painted with food grade colors. It also makes a happy sound when squeezed. All of baby's senses get stimulated with Sophie. What a cutie!

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Aug 4, 2009

Film: Independent America

Eye opening documentary about how big corporations are taking over American towns and American consumer markets and how Mom & Pop stores are slowly becoming extinct as a result of this.

The film is 52 minutes long and well worth watching

Click here to watch

Aug 3, 2009

Space Saving High Chairs

For those of you with small living spaces, here's a review a client sent us about the Bloom Baby Nano Folding Chair:

"I wanted to let you know I received the high chair yesterday and it is perfect. I live in a very small house. Ive been looking for a space saving high chair but all of the ones I came across were designed for dinning room chairs. I dont even have room for a dinning room table in the this small house. This high chair is exactly what I needed and fits between my refrigerator and the wall next to it. Thank you for a great transaction. Thank you for everything."
reviewed by Andrea from Woodland Hills, CA

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Aug 2, 2009

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