Sep 28, 2009

Anagrams for Moms

The October 2009 issue of BabyTalk Magazine had some funny anagrams for mom related words. These will surprise you!!!

Exhaustion = The Anxious

Maternity Pants = A Nasty Prim Tent

Contraction = I can Contort

Dilation = And I Toil

Labor Pains = Iron ab slap

Breastfeeding = Insert feedbag

Baby Formula = Buy from a Lab

Postpartum = Ma, Pop Strut

Pediatrician = I Cried at Pain

Nose suction Bulb = Cue in Snout Blobs

Diaper Pail = A Rapid Pile

Babysitter = Tasty Bribe

Playground = Nag Proudly

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