Sep 18, 2009

Baby Be Mine Delivery Gownies™ Have Arrived!

We now carry the popular Delivery Gownies™

Get ready for the big day with hospital wear that is comfortable -- and has never been worn! You'll have pictures of you and your newborn taken -- Wear a stylish Gownie for those pictures of a lifetime

Why a Gownie?
What bigger occasion than the birth of your child, you have prepared for 9 Months!! Bags are packed, everything is new – you reach the hospital ward – and the how many times passed down tatty old gown is gently placed in your arms – sound familiar? If not, it soon will.

The freshly delivered Gownies are made from 100% Cotton with a soft satin trim for a comfortable feel.

Baby Be Mine Maternity Gownies™ were featured on Pregnancy Magazine's 120 Best Products for Mom & Baby -- May 2009 Issue

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