Oct 13, 2009

Baby Finger Food Review: Happy Baby™ Organic Baby Foods

Our 2 and 3 year old food critics put Happy Baby™ Organic Foods to the test this past weekend.  These toddlers are picky eaters (as most toddlers are) and of course they love to snack on cookies and sweets, which doesn't make the parents happy. So, we went looking for a healthy and nutritious snack that would appeal to these toddlers' capricious palates. On the weekend we had them try the different Happy Baby™ organic food products and the Whole Grain Organic Puffs were the immediate favorites. The kiddies enjoyed holding the eco-friendly containers with their own hands and picking puffs with their little fingers. As parents we had peace of mind knowing that our kids were eating a naturally healthy organic snack that's been fortified with vitamins and minerals. These Happy Baby Organic Puffs are a keeper!

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