Nov 6, 2009

Product Review: Go GaGa Gondola Diaper Bag goes to Ecuador

Right before my long awaited trip to Latin America I was asked to bring along a Go GaGa Diaper Bag instead of my regular diaper bag. Working for Best Baby Organics I get to test many fabulous products and this bag was no doubt a great item for my trip. The first two things I liked about my new Go GaGa bag were that these bags are manufactured by a FAIR TRADE Certified Company in Vietnam and also my bag was made from 72% post consumer recycled fabric.

I got the Gondola in Eggplant color. The bag has two insulated bottle pockets on the sides, which work great for me and my two thirsty toddlers. The interior of the bag is roomy enough to put 4-5 diapers in each of the two pockets, a pack of baby wipes, two changes of baby clothes + two baby sweaters, sunscreen, sunglasses, and more. There is also one large outside pocket on each side, which I used to put story books for the kids and magazines for the adults. But the one feature that makes this bag one of a kind is the strap, which can be worn cinched up with the comfy shoulder pad or spread out over your shoulder and upper arm.

I tested the strap during my long walks in airports while carrying a backpack on my back and the Go GaGa Bag diagonally across my torso, pulling a carry-on by the handle, and holding my child's hand (uff...I know!! ); and I must say that I really felt the difference when the strap was spread out over my shoulder. The shoulder pad is really comfy, but when you carry heavy loads you'll ultimately end up with that cutting pain that weighs down on your shoulder and neck no matter what. However, when the strap was spread out over my shoulder, the pain got dissipated. The load still felt heavy, but the pain was gone.

Also, because of its compact and modern feel, I can see already that long after our diaper days are gone, we'll still be using our Go GaGa to go places.

Words that describe my Go GaGa Gondola Bag:

So, I just got back from my family adventure trip to Vilcabamba, a peaceful tiny village in the southern part of Ecuador. Vilcabamba, "The Valley of the Ancients", is known worldwide for the longevity of its inhabitants, as many of them live past 100 years of age. Many scientists and theorists have visited the area in hopes of finding the secret to Vilcabamba's people's longevity. Some have said the nutrient rich soil or the region's water sources are the reason; while others have dismissed the claims as pure myths.

Regardless of the truth, we had heard so many great things about this place and wanted to visit for a long time. We finally got the chance to go this past October. I must confess that I was a bit apprehensive to go with our two toddlers (all of you with small children know how stressful traveling with kids can be, specially on longer trips). But we were really enchanted by Vilcabamba's peaceful paradise. What a magical place! If you want to really escape the world, be at peace with yourself and your surroundings, be as adventurous or as relaxed as you want, and explore nature at your own pace this is the place to go! --M.

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