Dec 17, 2009

The New Hotslings AP (Adjustable Pouch) Slings have arrived!


What a great innovation!
This is exactly what the old Hotslings needed. We are so glad they heard people's comments and finally made an adjustable Hotslings.

Why are we loving the new Hotsligs AP?
Because if you had the one size style hotslings, exact sizing was crucial for ease and comfort. Now with the AP, it doesn't matter if you are between size 2 to 5. One single sling will do!
This also means that now, in many cases, mom and dad can use a single Hotslings for baby.

The new Hotslings AP come in the six best selling designer fabric colors that people love so much


If you are between size 2 and 5 on the Hotslings Classic Sizing Chart an AP (Adjustable Pouch) is the way to go: (To measure from shoulder to hip: use a soft tape measure and start at the outer corner of your shoulder and measure diagonally across your body down to your hip bone.)




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