Dec 9, 2009's Top 10 tips for a great pregnancy

Our BBO mom pro has these tips for women planning a pregnancy and those already preggy:

1) For a healthy pregnancy and a healthy baby make sure you nourish your body
Plan ahead and improve your eating habits. Prior to conception make sure you are getting enough Folic Acid in your diet (about 0.4 milligrams of folic acid every day) Adequate folic acid intake is very important before conception and at least 3 months afterward to potentially reduce the risk of having a fetus with a neural tube defect. More details here.
During pregnancy choose really good prenatal vitamins and don't forget to take them everyday.
I never took them on an empty stomach as having an empty stomach always made me nauseous.

2) Get ready to expand - Prevent Stretch Marks
Poor nutrition also affects the health of your skin and increases the chances of getting those horrible stretch marks. Reduce those chances by eating foods high in vital nutrients and low in saturated fats and cholesterol. Eat lots of fruits and vegetables and keep hydrated by drinking plenty of water and cutting back on caffeine. Besides good nutrition, another way to prevent stretch marks during pregnancy is to apply a good non-toxic formula to the skin.  Even before conception start applying lots and lots of anti stretch mark stuff. I did this months in advance. I wanted to prepare my belly for the skin stretching marathon in the months ahead. I love the organic OG Mama Moisture Oil, Belly Polish, and Belly Butter that keep a mama's skin supple and elastic.

3) Avoid morning sickness
Eat a good healthy breakfast every morning. My theory is full belly = no morning sickness.
One time I left the house without eating breakfast and got so sick while doing 60 mph on the highway. Had to pull over and was lucky to find a plastic bag under the passanger's seat. Since that day, I made sure to never starve my pregnant body again.

4) Healthy snacks
For midday and mid-afternoon.
My favorite was a mix of dry apricots and nuts like peanuts and almonds.

5) Elevate feet when sitting for prolonged periods
If you have to work at a desk all day or if you need to be sitting for long periods of time, make sure you keep your feet elevated to promote circulation and avoid swelling. Working in the office I always had an upside down paper waste basket under the desk as a foot rest.

6) Save on Maternity Clothing
Buy a good Maternity Belly Band or Tube to help you transition into maternity clothes. I was able to wear my normal hip hugger jeans and pants during the first trimester and also well into the second. When you can no longer button up or zip up your pants, simply unbutton them and continue to wear them with the help of a Bella Band or Belly Band. You wear the band over your pants, jeans, shorts, or skirts and the band will cover your stomach while keeping the unbuttoned garments also covered and in place. These bands are very fashionable and a great money saver, since you don't have to buy as many maternity clothes.

7) Drop the G-strings
If all you have is dental floss type lingerie, it's time to go shopping for some comfy all cotton panties.
Many pregnant women like to wear those sexy thongs, but the G-string type underwear increases the risk of testing positive for strep B. So why risk it?

8) Exercise Connect & Socialize: Try Prenatal Yoga
The advantages are many!
You get to exercise your body and connect with baby at the same time plus you meet other pregnant moms in your area.

9) Look your best during labor and delivery
After 9 months of pregnancy you deserve to look great. Bring your own delivery gown to the hospital or to the birthing center. Look fabulous and take lots of pictures holding baby and wearing your own beautiful gownie. 

10) Regain your shape after baby arrives
By now you probably have heard all about the Belly Bandit.
The Belly Bandit is a post-pregnancy stomach binding wrap that will help you shrink back to your pre-pregnant shape fast!
Post-partum stomach binding has been practiced for centuries by women from many cultures around the world. This practice is now being embraced by American women as well, as more and more Hollywood celebrities continue to report on the slimming benefits they received from wearing the Belly Bandit after delivering their babies.


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