Jan 3, 2010

food/snacks for tots on the go? Ditch the tupperware

This past December we asked our twitter followers what were some of their New Year's resolutions. The most popular responses were of course loosing weight and getting in shape followed closely by having a greener life style.

So how about loosing weight and being green at the same time?
Avoid eating junk food. Pack your lunches and also your kids' foods and snacks for on the go.

If you want a cleaner, non-toxic alternative to tupperware and other leaching plastic containers, these supper cool 100% Stainless Steel tiffins from To-Go Ware are the best way to go. Who knew a tiffin could be so practical and eco-friendly :-)

I have seen many people in poor countries use metal tiffins to carry their food and always thought what an ingenious way to stack up food in different compartments and carry it all in one hand! So great to see an eco-friendly non-toxic version now available in the US.

The To-Go Ware tiffins are not just any tiffins :-)) these are nicely designed, small sized (perfect for little hands), and made from 100% Stainless Steel. They come in 2 and 3-tier versions and they are great for hot or cold foods. We have the 2-tier version with the side kick (great for yogurt sauce to drizzle over our to-go fruit salads). Picnic anyone?

If cared for properly, these multitasking/super safe food carriers can last forever. So you can pass them on to all your future generations. Try that with tupperware... eeewww!

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