Jan 25, 2010

The Why’s of Babywearing & Moby/Sleepy Wrap Giveaway

Rhiana from the Hurried Homemaker blog is hosting a baby wrap carrier giveaway for Bestbabyorganics.com
Visit Rhiana's blog to read her why's of babywearing and a chance to win one of our Moby Wrap or Sleepy Wrap Baby Carriers in the color of your choice

The Why’s of Babywearing & Giveaway from Best Baby Organics

January 25, 2010
By Rhiana
Babywearing is a trend on the rise, but in fact babywearing is an ancient tradition. It is a primal maternal instinct to carry our babies. With the help of a babywearing device (like the Moby Wrap or Sleepy Wrap), it is also a modern convenience. You may remember that I LOVE using my Moby Wrap with my little one. So, “Why wear my baby?” you ask …
  • Newborn are used to being in the womb and the shock of going from constant to little contact can be an unsettling.
  • Being in sling/carrier with motion from your movement is womb-like and very comforting for baby.
  • That dreaded “arsenic hour” always seems to fall during dinner prep time (the Moby/Sleepy is only carrier I’d feel safe using while cooking).
  • Soothing touch and being able to see what’s going on make a needy baby a happy baby.
  • Toddlers also enjoy the comfort of being close to mom/dad.
Research shows that babies worn by their mothers (and fathers) cry less; and that babies develop a sense of secrity and trust – meaning they will become independent at an earlier age.
  • For the child, nurturing touch stimulates growth-promoting hormones, improves intellectual and motor development, and helps regulate babies’ temperature, heart rate, and sleep/wake patterns.
  • Babies who receive nurturing touch gain weight faster, nurse better, cry less, are calmer, and have better intellectual and motor development
  • Cultures high in physical affection, touch, holding or carrying, rate low in adult physical violence
I didn’t want to leave my baby, not even an arms-length away, after giving birth. Since newborns sleep so much, I couldn’t very well stay in bed all day – I had another child to care for! Wearing my baby was a great way for me to feel at ease. Now, the baby is a year old and I still wear her almost daily. She feels great seeing everything I’m doing, and feels safe and secure in public (since she is very wary of strangers). And I don’t have to lug a heavy stroller everywhere I go!
Two more great reasons?  (1)Nursing a baby while going on with your daily life is a cinch while carrying baby in a sling/wrap.  And, (2) babywearing even helps prevent postpartum depression!
Now that I’ve given you no reason to not wear your baby, you want to get started right? Wrap carriers are by far my favorite way tote baby around (and I’ve tried them ALL). There are so many great ways to carry your baby or toddler in one of these because it wraps different ways for different positions. It is so nice to have a wrap that can be used from infant to toddler, and even with multiples (whether it be twins or 2 different aged little ones). The lovely folks over at Best Baby Organics are helping the fine readers of Hurried Homemaker to get started with their own baby wrap!

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