Feb 8, 2010

Belly Bandit is in the National Spotlight once again

Life and Style magazine just had a 5 page spread on Kourtney Kardashian's post pregnancy weight loss strategy. The Belly Bandit

Read an excerpt:

"How I'm Gradually losing inches"
Instead of endangering her health and Mason's - with rigorous exercise and dieting. Kourtney's using the Belly Bandit to get back her killer abs. Jessica Alba and Halle Berry are also fas of the discreet wrap, which "helps tighten and shrink your belly after pregnancy." says Kourtney (here posing exclusively for Life & Style). "The Belly Bandit makes my clothes fit better, and nobody even knows I'm wearing it!" The reality star actually got to design her own. She's so in love with black-lace creation, Kourtney sometimes wears it over her clothes!

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