Feb 4, 2010

Hospital Delivery Gownie - New Colors have arrived!

Woohoo!!! The Baby Be Mine Hospital Gownie new colors have arrived

Get ready for the big day and deliver in style!

you've waited 9 months for baby to arrive...now is your time to look radiant during labor, delivery and after. Take lots of pictures wearing your own gorgeous gownie. Those pictures will last a lifetime and will make for beautiful memories.

Color: Angelina Gownie NEW! retails for $34.99
Color: Helen Gownie NEW! retails for $34.99
Color: Zoe Gownie NEW! retails for $29.99

1 comment:

  1. I LOVE these, and am amazed at how affordable they are! The other companies I've seen that sell hospital gowns charge twice that much! I am TOTALLY bookmarking this! Thanks so much!


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