Feb 16, 2010

Sweet pain from a visit to Shark Valley in the Everglades National Park

yes I am in pain. My whole body hurts. My knees are weak and all my muscles are aching.

but it's such sweet pain

no, I'm not a masochist :-)
The pain is sweeeeet!! because of what I accomplished!
woohoo.....!!! I bicycled the 15 mile Shark Valley Loop in the Florida Everglades National Park.

We've been having the most gloriously sunny days in South Florida and the temperatures have been just perfect (sorry everyone else in the rest of the nation), so just couldn't resist and had to visit the great outdoors. Didn't plan on bicycling 15 miles. Was planning to do half really...but I finished the loop!! So proud of myself. And the pain, oh yes...my body is hurting right now, but I'm loving it :-)

The 15 mile paved path penetrates directly into the wilderness of the Everglades - a swamp land filled with alligators, egrets, hawks, turtles, and god knows what else.

Sure there were lots of gators along the bike path, but they were not bothering anyone. They much rather sunbathe and people watch.

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