Mar 9, 2010

Breast Cancer Study through breast milk - You can participate

Are you a nursing mother?

The University of Massachusetts Amherst Breast Milk Research Lab is asking us to help spread the word about and important breast cancer study at the University of Massachusetts. They are currently looking for breastfeeding women who have had, or are expecting to have, a breast biopsy to participate in an approved study.

"The goal of this study is to identify molecular biomarkers for signs of increased risk of developing breast cancer. Knowledge of the molecular changes that occur int he breast cells may be helpful in developing preventative and therapeutic strategies for all women."

If you qualify for this study, you will be asked to donate a breastmilk sample and will receive $25 in appreciation.

For  more information, please contact Dr. Sarah Lenington, Recruitment Coordinator, at (413) 545-1037, or email slenington[@]cns.umass[.]edu
More information is also available at

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