Mar 3, 2010

Monkey Pants Review and Giveaway - Hosted by Luvsjurn3 Blog

The Luvsjurn3 Blog is doing a Japanese Monkey Pants review and hosting a giveaway for us.
enter the giveaway for a chance to win one of our super hip MONKEY PANTS
here's what the fantastic mommy behind the Luvsjurn3 Blog had to say about our Monkey Pants:

Best Baby Organics- Monkey Pants Review and Giveaway

These were cute,cute cute! These pants are created with a little extra room where it counts for babies in cloth diapers. There are a few diapers that have a little bit too much bulk for me to slide Little L's pants over. I was pretty excited about the concept and even more excited after we tried them! The fabric was super soft and unique. We don't have any little man pants in the closet that are like them. I showed my mom the pants and she couldn't wait to put them on the little guy. "Look at the Butt!" it has a really cute smiley face on the behind! So I rushed off to find my fluffiest diaper and we hurriedly wriggled LL into his new pants. Oh. My. Goodness. It was too cute for words! I am positive LL loved them just as much as we did, as he did not want his new pants off all day. He got pretty upset during every diaper change, and made sure we slipped his pants back on when we were finished!

In Relation To Cloth Diapers:
Was this product convenient: YES
Is this product economically priced: Yes
Would I recommend this product to a beginner: Yes
Good for Daytime use: Yes
Good for nighttime Use: No
Easy during laundry Care: -
Did Big D like this Product: BIG Yes
Did Little L like this Product: Yes
Did I like this Product: Yes

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Win: A pair of Monkey Pants in your choice of size. (fabric will be chosen by Best Baby Organics)

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