Mar 15, 2010

New Product Announcement: Sonny and Reed Teething Necklace - Made in the USA

Fashion Accessory, Baby Necessity - Sonny and Reed Teething Necklaces

The only designer teething necklace made from FDA approved material. Made in the USA from non-toxic, FDA approved material and conforms to Consumer Product Safety Commission's 16 CFR 1500 and will not pass through the choke tube.

Teething nubs on each bead gently and safely massage tender gums.
Each necklace is made of beads which are solid with nubs on one side, smooth on the other.

Available colors:

Black 26" Nubbed Necklace with Clear Logo Bead
Clear 26" Nubbed Necklace with Clear Logo Bead
Crystal Blue 26" Nubbed Necklace with Blue Logo Bead

Now available at

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