Apr 30, 2010

The Mother Tucker will be featured today on the popular show, The Doctors

attention all new moms who have been asking if the Belly Bandit's Mother Tucker really works. Don't miss TV Show " The Doctors " today. They are having a segment on belly fat.

Here's a synopsis of the show's segment
   Belly Fat
" Amy, 29, gained 30 pounds during her pregnancy, and she hasn't been able to shed the weight in the 11 months since giving birth. She asks The Doctors for a quick and easy way to lose her post-pregnancy belly.

"That's a huge issue for women after pregnancy, losing the baby weight," OB/GYN Dr. Lisa Masterson says. "Basically, exercise and diet are the only real ways to get the fat off."

To help slim her figure, Amy tries the Mother Tucker compression tank top, which is designed to smooth and shape the midsection, allowing a new mother to maintain a sleek silhouette while carrying extra pounds.
The tank provides support in three zones: the upper, which supports the breasts; the center, which helps flatten the belly; and the anti-roll bottom, which helps smooth "muffin tops," or extra belly fat.

"This is great for a woman while she's trying to the lose weight, when she's trying to look good in her clothes," Dr. Lisa says. "This is just going to compress, it's not going to make you lose weight. When you take it off, everything's going to come back out."

Amy says that she is happy with the results. "I like that it smoothes the sides, and you can wear it under any kind of outfit, and while you are going to the gym, trying to lose the weight," she says. "

see more here: http://www.thedoctorstv.com

The show is airing today. Check out your local listings for show times
Watch it and let us know what you think.

Belly Bandit's Mother Tucker
retails for $69.95

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