May 26, 2010

one size fits all - toddler belts - proudly made in the USA

This is the smart belt you've been looking for!

* Mom tested and approved
* Made in the USA
* No snaps. No velcro. No magnets. 
* common-sense design
* fair price
* Meets stringent U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission standards regarding lead safety

ONE SIZE Fits toddler to age 9 - up to 26" waist

ONE SIZE will fit your child for many years. The elastic belt and adjuster clip gives your child a perfect fitting belt.  
The elastic band means toddlers don't have to unbuckle the belt in order to pull their pants up/down

 The rounded buckle has no sharp edges or pieces to poke children in the belly. Unlike heavy magnetic buckles that may become unclasped, or velcro closures that get "fuzzied". The buckle lays flat, so no "buckle bulge" under shirts.  The 1" wide, double-sided polyester or cotton elastic will fit through toddler pant loops and will not fade, fray or lose elasticity. 
Retail Price: $12.95
Now available at Best Baby Organics

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