May 8, 2010

TV Show The Doctors - Belly Fat Quick Fix Secret: The Mother Tucker - watch the video

Quick summary of the show's segment:
Last Friday, The Doctor's had a segment on belly fat. They had Amy on the show. Amy is a mom who gave birth 11 months ago and she gained 30 lbs during her pregnancy. She is looking for a way to loose the baby weight without surgery.  One of the doctors says that loosing the baby fat is a huge issue for women and that the only way to burn fat is through exercise and diet. As a quick fix to look good in your clothes while trying to loose the weight, they feature the Mother Tucker, a compression tank that basically hides the fat. The mother tucker compresses three zones: the upper breast center, the tummy, and the sides (aka muffin tops).
Amy, the mom tester was present in the audience and she was wearing the mother tucker. She stood up and they showed a before and after picture side by side (the difference was obvious). When asked, Amy said that she likes that the mother tucker smooths her sides, that it can be worn with any kind of outfit and that she finds it comfortable.

The Mother Tucker is a compression Tank made by the makers of the Belly Bandit.
All the bbo mom's here (including me) love this product. We all actually wear it to work to keep bulge and muffin tops nicely tucked out of sight :-))) (ok secret's out)
Look your best this summer...give the mother tucker a try!

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