Jun 4, 2010

Japanese Monkey Pants Cutest Baby Photo Contest - We have a winner!

Best Baby Organics would like to thank everyone who entered our Japanese Monkey Pants Cutest Baby Photo Contest and submitted their images. As always, we had the hardest time picking just one winner. They were all so perfect and adorable. And now...

Drum roll please...

Ladies and Gentlemen...
The winner of our Cutest Picture of Baby wearing Monkey Pants

little sailor boy in Bermuda! 
...sshh... he's on the look out for sharks...


and here are some of our favorite runners up!

The sun is shining in Holland for this very handsome little man! he has only one quick moment to pose for a picture because he's going places...
soccer practice and he is ready for the world cup!!

his favorite hobbies: reading and soccer training
oh yeah..and being cute

can you say A-D-O-R-A-B-L-E!!!!!

monkeying around!

do you know perfect bliss? you are looking at it!

baby...your cuteness melts our hearts

do I look cute or what?
oh yes you do handsome!

If you missed the chance to participate with your baby this time, we will be announcing a new contest soon. So, keep those cameras handy!!

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