Oct 26, 2010

Bamboo Belly Bandit + Shrinkx Hips Combo

Our Combo includes:
1 x Bamboo Belly Bandit in Nude Color (Size of your choice)
1 x Shrinkx Hips (Size of your choice)

We created this combo for all the women who swear by abdominal and hip binding for post-pregnancy shrinkage, a practice followed by millions of women in many countries around the world. 

This combo is for all those who listen to grandma when she insists on binding the stomach and hips after childbirth. The best time to use a Shrinkx Hips to reduce the size of your hips is right after delivery, since your body is still producing Relaxin -the hormone that loosens pelvic joints & ligaments for childbirth. Relaxin then stays in your body up to 8 weeks before joints and ligaments harden in place. 

And for the stomach, the belly bandit facilitates reverse tissue expansion and diminishes uterine swelling. It also helps a new mom feel like her belly is not all loose and jiggly after having the baby. 

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