Oct 25, 2010

Maternity Belly Bands explained

Maternity Belly Bands are a fashion accessory that assists women in achieving one goal: to wear their pre-pregnancy clothes as long as possible before transitioning into maternity clothes. The bands are designed to fit snugly around the pregnant belly. One type of band, the Bella Band, is snug enough to also offer some mid/lower back and lower abdomen support.

Maternity Belly Bands are wide pieces of smooth stretchy fabric that are worn around the belly and can be worn from the time the belly starts to grow (normally from the third month on) until after delivery. The bands can be worn underneath clothes or over camis, long tanks, etc.

Many expectant moms also wear the Maternity Belly Band over their clothes as fashionable belly huggers. The bands are very versatile, which makes them staples of maternity wardrobes.

There are other types of maternity belly support products (i.e. belly support belts), but these should not be confused with the fashionable maternity belly bands. A support belt looks more like a medical device that only serves to support a large heavy belly. You won't see any pregnant women proudly  wearing these over their clothes!

The most widely known brand of maternity belly bands is the Bella Band by Ingrid and Isabel

How to wear the Bella Band

During the first trimester:
You can wear it folded over your unbuttoned pre-pregnancy jeans, pants, etc (or even unzipped some) as long as your bum and hips allow. Folding over the band adds an extra layer to disguise unfastened buttons and zippers. It also adds strength to hold up your pants. The same principle applies post-partum allowing you wear your normal clothes sooner.

During the second and third trimester
The Bella Band holds things up neatly where needed. You can fold it over or use it in a single layer.

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