Nov 17, 2010

Holiday Gift Ideas for Foodies

The holidays are fast approaching and here are some fabulous gift ideas that are sure to please all food aficionados out there. We asked our organic foodie friends what they would like to get as presents this holiday season and here are the TOP 9 picks based on practicality, usefulness, quality, and design.

Iced Tea Pot 'Tornado'
A tea lover's dream come true!
This pot by Hario has a mesh filter for tea leaves. The filter is wide enough to allow big tea leaves to unfurl and expand for full flavor. The sleek and slender design is perfect for a quick grab from the refrigerator door. Hario also makes fantastic products for coffee drinkers

Bistro Herb Pot
Foodies find great pleasure in growing and using their own herbs for cooking. This is the smart little pot that makes it all possible for growing and keeping herbs in your own kitchen.

Carbon Steel Wok
skip the non-stick stuff. It's toxic!
get the real deal instead

Sagaform Termo Mug
Double walled Mug that keeps drinks hot and hands cool

Oven Mitt
This is no ordinary oven mitt - it fits either hand, and the neoprene protects your arms and hands from hot surfaces.

The 'Herb-Savor'
This smart little gadget will prolong the life of your fresh herbs for up to 3 weeks so you can enjoy fresh, flavorful meals every time you cook. It's compact enough to fit inside the refrigerator door.

Hand-made Clay Casserole
Gorgeous from the stove/oven to the table. Each piece is made by hand

Knife Sharpening Stone
This stone is a knife-sharpening tool that has a combination of ceramic grits for the sharpest results. Requiring no actual wetting or soaking beforehand. It works by removing the dulled molecules from the outer blade, producing a clean cutting edge.

Chocolatier Mug
Hot Chocolate Blender and frother


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