Jan 28, 2011

Belly Bandit Review

We found a great review at thebump.com from a real new mom who used the Belly Bandit after having her baby. 
The first picture shows her stomach when she was still pregnant at 38.4 weeks and the second picture shows her her amazing results 11 days after delivery.

You can read her full review as well as other women's comments here:

Someone following her thread asked her this question:

"I have a question..... When did you started using the belly bandit? and how often are you using it ? Also did you have a c-section or natural child birth ? I so want the same results !!"

and this is her reply:

"I started using it the day after I gave birth.  (I had a natural childbirth.)  I have been trying to wear it day and night but have taken it off when I go out b/c regardless of what they say, it is NOT invisible under your clothes.  I sleep in it every night.  I gained about 40lbs.  Started off at about 130lbs and ended up at 169.  I bought a medium and a small b/c I heard you'd shrink enough to need the next size down but I was in the small by Day 2 or 3.  It does bunch and stuff and I constantly have to pull it down but I love waking up in the morning and seeing a flatter tummy than the day before!"

We love bringing you real reviews from real moms who have gotten back in shape with the help of a belly bandit. The woman who posted her results mentions that the Belly Bandit is not invisible under clothing and for this reason she takes it off when she goes out . Remember that to achieve maximum results it is recommended that you wear the belly bandit 24/7 for at least 6-8 weeks post-partum (except for when you take a shower of course). If you are too self-conscious and don't want others to know you are wearing a compression garment, there is a slightly less obvious thinner band that can be your "going out" companion instead of the Belly Bandit. It may not be as tight as the Belly Bandit because it's not as thick, but it will do the trick for the few hours you are out.

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