Apr 26, 2011

Best Nursing Bra Tops for women with big breasts

If you are big breasted and the girls have only gotten bigger now that you are breastfeeding, you need to make sure to wear nursing garments designed specifically for larger breasts. You definitely need support, but keep in mind that garments and bras that are too tight tend to encourage plugged ducts and painful mastitis.  Thankfully, the Full Bust Nursing Bra Tops from Glamourmom are ideal for your body type. Not only these nursing tops are made to fit you comfortably, but they are also fabulously fashionable.

The Glamourmom Nursing Bra Full Bust Long Top has a built-in nursing bra designed with additional breast support. The bra also includes a mesh liner that can hold leak absorbing nursing pads. The tops are extra long for post-partum tummy coverage. They are perfect for layering.

Full Bust Nursing Bra Tops are available in several colors.
Best Sellers are Black, White, Grape Galore and Chocolate tones
Retails for $ 47.00
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Breastfeeding can be hard enough at the beginning, but it is truly the best you can do for your little one (plus it helps in shedding the pregnancy weight!). Practice and the right gear will have you fashionably breezing through each breastfeeding session.

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  1. I LOVE THE GLAMOURMOM NURSING BRA FULL BUST LONG TOP! Love. Love love love. So much more coverage than other nursing tanks!


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