Apr 8, 2011

flying with a lap help child - warning

The summer travel season will soon be upon us and as parents we want to keep our little ones safe. If you are planning a family trip on a plane, please make sure your children are buckled up in their own seats. Current rules say that children under the age of 2 can fly for free if they sit on their parents' lap, but this is definitely not safe. Sudden turbulance can cause lap babies to fly into the air and become projectiles.

The FAA encourages parents to use child safe restraints, but it is not a rule.

Babies can be buckled up in their seats by using your own car seat (as long as it is designed for use in an aircraft as well). But car seats are bulky and heavy to carry. A more practical safety restraint is the CARES (Kids fly safe) harness, which can actually fit in your purse and is suitable for children 22 to 44 lbs.

It is simply not safe to fly with lap children. Watch this very informational video from the Early Show:

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