May 5, 2011

#1 Swaddle for sleep deprived moms: a baby swaddle that mimics the womb!

Truewomb is the only swaddle in the market that allows for dynamic movements of the legs while keeping arms naturally secured across the body. Little Houdini's won't be able to get their hands out and wake themselves up.

Other popular swaddles keep arms secured but also keep babies locked into one single position (who likes that really?!!). Babies love to have their legs in the fetal position, which reminds them of the peacefulness and safety of mom's womb. Truewomb allows babies to comfortably move their legs around and return to fetal position without restriction. This means more sleep for you and your baby. Caring for your newborn is a wonderful time in your life and you can enjoy it even more when you are able to rest. Watch the video below to see Truewomb in action:

Best Baby Organics has free delivery on all Truewomb baby swaddles
Special price: $38.50

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  1. How awesome is that! Every mom needs one of these!


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