May 4, 2011

Shawn Soh's Tree Bookcase for Kids

Square bookshelves belong in modern nurseries and playrooms no more! 

This whimsical tree bookcase by Korean designer Shawn Soh was inspired by nurture and is sure to nature a passion for reading in your child. The organic design creates perfect nooks and crannies for children's books and special treasures. The tree is an imaginatively functional bookshelf and a piece of art at the same time. It will outlast childhood to become a timeless piece.

The tree bookcases are made of metal. Each piece is hand-made in Shawn's own studio, where one bookshelf takes a week to create. All the bending and welding is done by hand. Shawn's hand-made metal versions costs about $ 2,800.00

The Tree Bookcase for Nursery Works by Shawn Soh costs $850.00 and is made of zero-grade MDF and finished in the high-gloss, low VOC laquers Nursery Works is famously know for.

The Nursery Works Tree Bookcase is available in two colors: Snow or Forest Green. And you can get free shipping within the USA when you buy from Best Baby Organics

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