Jan 22, 2012

Today's Featured item: Mother Tucker by Belly Bandit

The Mother Tucker is truly one of our all time favorite post-partum must-have's. We have all been there...bulge that was not there pre-baby is now there. Where did that pot belly come from?
We all swear we'll be hitting the gym to get rid of that muffin top, but just can't find the time or motivation to really do it! So what's a woman to do?
Fortunately we can all wear a Mother Tucker and suck it up 'til we finally make our way to the gym. The Mother Tucker is a powerful compression tank that helps hide that unsightly upper body bulge. We all have a need to feel fit and beautiful, that's why the mother tucker is a good ally to have in every new mom's wardrobe.

Available in v-neck or scoop neek, and also in nursing tank version

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