Aug 30, 2012

Win a Free Bamboo Belly Bandit

Tomorrow is the last day to enter our Giveaway. The winner will be announced on Sept. 1st

Aug 15, 2012

Breastfeeding just got better - Milkscreen products are here to help

We are strong advocates of breastfeeding and believe that every new mom should breastfeed their babies. All the help you need to make the most out of nursing your baby is now at your fingertips.

You have been pregnant for 9 months and now that baby has arrived you want to celebrate with a glass of wine, but you worry that alcohol will be present in your breast milk. No more uncertainty! All you have to do is a simple home test with the Milkscreen to see if you should worry or not.  This test detects the presence of alcohol in breast milk. Get all the answers you need about the Alcohol Milkscreen here.

Another major worry is whether or not you are producing enough milk to feed your little baby. The ingenious Milkscreen Calculator does all the deciphering for you. And if you do need to increase your milk production, we have the best natural supplements to help you increase your breast milk supply. To produce more breast milk we recommend the Motherlove or the Numom natural brands.

Aug 10, 2012

Beautiful Baby Clothes Made From Soy Fiber and Cotton by Babysoy

Babysoy Beautiful Collection of Baby Clothes has just arrived!
The kimono bodysuits are just too cute and a "snap" to put on. No tying required!

As the name says it, Babysoy clothing is made from Soy Fiber and Cotton.
And we are thrilled about the "OH SOY" Collection made from 50% Soy Fiber and 50% Organic Cotton
OH SOY collection made from soy fiber and organic cotton

Babysoy SOY SOFT collection: Kimono Bodysuit Onesies (Soy Fiber/Conventional Cotton)

Babysoy SOY SOFT collection: Soy Fiber/Conventional Cotton

Babysoy SOY SOFT collection: Soy Fiber/Conventional Cotton

Babysoy SOY SOFT collection: Soy Fiber/Conventional Cotton

Aug 9, 2012

New Items Added To Our Organic Baby Clothes Clearance Sale

Looking for the best organic baby clothes?

We have just added new styles to our current clearance sale

 Check out our Organic Baby Clothes Clearance Sale

Tees and Pants, Bodysuit Onesies, Footies, Pajamas, Dresses, Blankets, Bibs and much much more on sale  now
 -  Speesees
 -  Sckoon
 -  Lukeeno
 -  Under the Nile

New Products added Daily!
Get them while they last

Aug 2, 2012

The Cutest Organic Cotton Baby and Toddler Pajamas have arrived!

A mix of modern, California inspired style and feel good fabrics made from 100% Organic Cotton.

So soft and cuddly these organic PJ's are simply adorable with flat interior seams for extra comfort. They are meant to be tight fitting and they are totally free of fire retardant chemicals. We have lots of cool colors for little boys and girls at a fantastic price of just $39

Aug 1, 2012

Free Bamboo Belly Bandit Giveaway winner for the month of July

Congratulations to Sylvia Heard from Clermont, FL
and congratulations on your new baby boy!
You are a lucky girl :-)

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