Aug 15, 2012

Breastfeeding just got better - Milkscreen products are here to help

We are strong advocates of breastfeeding and believe that every new mom should breastfeed their babies. All the help you need to make the most out of nursing your baby is now at your fingertips.

You have been pregnant for 9 months and now that baby has arrived you want to celebrate with a glass of wine, but you worry that alcohol will be present in your breast milk. No more uncertainty! All you have to do is a simple home test with the Milkscreen to see if you should worry or not.  This test detects the presence of alcohol in breast milk. Get all the answers you need about the Alcohol Milkscreen here.

Another major worry is whether or not you are producing enough milk to feed your little baby. The ingenious Milkscreen Calculator does all the deciphering for you. And if you do need to increase your milk production, we have the best natural supplements to help you increase your breast milk supply. To produce more breast milk we recommend the Motherlove or the Numom natural brands.

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