Aug 3, 2013

A new addition to Post-partum Belly Shrinking Compression Bands

Now you can shrink your post-partum belly size thanks to the Shrinkx Belly (from the makers of Shrinkx Hips).

We are more than excited with this new product. If you are thinking about post-partum weight loss options, give the Shirnkx Belly a try. At just $39.99 this band is sure to give you great waist trimming results after the birth of your baby.

Aug 2, 2013

Molly Gownie

The Molly Gownie by Baby Be Mine Maternity is back in stock. No more waiting.

Aug 1, 2013

Free Bamboo Belly Bandit Winner for the Month of July

Congratulations to Tabitha Noles, from New Haven, CT

She is the happy winner of a Bamboo Belly Bandit for the month of Jul 2013
Thanks for entering our giveaway!

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